10 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Shyness or social anxiety is a big problem in our society. People, who are shy, tend to avoid social gatherings, because they experience so much social anxiety. It is a fact that nobody wants to live a life with shyness. Many people struggle and find it difficult to overcome it. But shyness can be overcome. With time and consistent efforts, it’s possible to overcome this big problem. Here are some effective strategies to overcome shyness and social anxiety and to lead a confident and happy life.

Nobody is born with Shyness

Shyness is a behavior which we develop with our life experiences. It is not a thing we are born with. As some people are born with high IQ and some are born with Low IQ. But nobody is born as a shy. Shyness is not in our genes. It is a behavior and behaviors can be changed at any stage of life. So we should not label ourselves as shy. I am shy and I just behave shy are two different things. If you believe that you just behave shy, then it will be very easy for you to change your behavior.

Shy or Introvert

If you are not very social and enjoys time alone, then it does not always mean that you are shy. Being shy and being introvert are two different things. A shy person wants to be social, wants to mix up with people but afraid to interact with other people. On the other hand, an introvert is happy alone in his own world. He is not afraid to interact but not interested to interact with people.

Shyness needs to be overcome but introversion does not require any help.

Believe on Yourself

It changes everything when you accept who you are and you don’t try to change yourself.        ― Kaia Gerber

Most people feel shy because they consider themselves less valuable and less capable. To overcome shyness, you must accept yourself and expect more from yourself. Nobody is perfect in this world and it impossible to be 100% perfect according to society. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. And everybody has insecurities. So to live a happy life you must believe on yourself and your abilities. Believe that you are valuable.

Stop Social Comparison

Shy people often compare themselves to others. They determine their self worth by comparing themselves to others. People who regularly compare themselves with others became unhappy and dissatisfied from their life. So be happy with who you are. Respect yourself and don’t compare yourself with any other in this world. Focus on your abilities and strengths. Do the things which you love and keep yourself happy.

Face the Fear, Try new things

“Do not look upon this world with fear and loathing. Bravely face whatever the gods offer.”     ― Morihei Ueshiba

Overcoming shyness is a continuous process, the process of building self confidence. Do not let anxiety, fear of rejection and fear of failure to get in your way. The only way to overcome fear is to face the fear. Try new things, meet new people, join a club or group, or join any other activity with the people. Try some new and difficult tasks. Do not fear of failure or rejections. Develop success from failures.

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Improve Your Knowledge

If you have good information about a topic, you can speak about it confidently. This is the secret. Try to be well informed about current affairs, issues about your government, any worldwide event, or any other topic of interest of your friends before going to a party of friends. And surprise them with your information. People will hear you and will appreciate you. Doing this will help you boast your confidence in social situations.

Communicate with people

Try to be more talkative. Never miss any opportunity to express your views. Whether you are at home, with friends, walking in a street or in your office, be more talkative and expressive. Where ever you find a conversation, jump into it. Speak your mind, express your feelings and try to connect with the people around you. This will dramatically change your life and will boast your confidence.

Know your Strengths

You have to know your strengths and tell yourself, you are the best.― Mwankwo Kanu

You should be well aware. You should have a complete knowledge about your strengths, your positive qualities. Make a list of all your positive qualities. This list will give you a clear idea about how valuable you are, and will help you to boast your confidence. Knowing yourself is key to overcome shyness.

Voice Tone

A soft wise usually reflects the shyness of a person, while a loud voice reflects that the person is aggressive or highly confident. With your voice tone, you can change the meaning of your worlds. So voice tone is important in many aspects, it conveys your mood and emotions.

So, if you want to overcome your shyness, then give importance to your voice. Try and practice to speak in a loud and strong voice.

Don’t Give up

The most difficult thing is to change your habit or behavior. Changing yourself is not an easy task. It is a continuous and ongoing process. So keep trying and keep making efforts, you will achieve your goal one day. Don’t lose your hope and don’t give up. Always ready to face to the failures and rejections. Always remembers that failures are steps towards success.

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