How to handle and respond to Insults

“Insulting others is never a way of correcting them. Instead it causes more damage and proves that we need help ourselves.”

Rude people are everywhere, we cannot avoid them, we have to face them and have to live with them. At some point of our life we must have experienced such people which are rude and negative, which are always ready to insult anybody. To live a happy, peaceful and successful life we must have an idea to deal or respond such kind of people.

An insult is nothing but when someone speaks to you or treats you with disrespect.

There can be many ways to respond when you are insulted.

  • You can insult the person straight back
  • You break down and cry
  • You simply ignore the insult and leave the place

Today we will discuss that how you can respond effectively to people who insult you or make fun of you.

Why people Insult you?

They are Negative People

Many people try to insult you because they are negative and insecure people. They have many weaknesses inside them. But they don’t focus to improve themselves. They find their happiness in teasing and insulting others. They love to tease and insult other people

They are Jealous from you

Jealousy is a very important motive for someone to insult you. There are always some people who are jealous from your success, your achievements. They are not happy of what you are getting with your hard work. They feel that they are not getting enough from life as you are getting, this thing makes them jealous from you. They are always looking for a chance to pull you down.

Lack of Understanding

Sometimes lack of understanding causes such situation. People who have no knowledge about current situation or scenario create such situations. They react immediately and unwillingly insult somebody. Such people are not aware of how their words are affecting other people. They don’t know that the person they are directing may actually have a genuine problem.

What is best way of dealing with insults?

Here are six best ways to deal with insults.

Stay Calm

When we face the insults, our most common reaction is anger. We react and get angry immediately. Anger is the weakest possible response of an insult. It is much better to respond an insult in a better way than to react immediately. Getting angry actually means, you are feeling that insult. So, first important and best thing is to stay calm and keep your control in your hands. Remember, the person who is insulting you wants you to get angry and to lose your control.  People always love to insult them who reacts the insults and feel it. So, before you even respond, ensure that you take several deep breaths, stay calm so that you are composed enough to give a very effective reply.

Use of Humor

Best way of responding and insult is by using humor. Humor is probably best defense mechanism we can use when we have to respond and insult. Humor not only undermines the insult but it also diffuses the tension of the situation. If someone makes fun of you or insults you then instead of getting angry put the joke back at them. It will undermine the insult and diffuses the tension of the situation. But keep in mind that you have to do this in a very nice and polite way. Your tone of voice should be normal not aggressive. A smile should be on your face.

For example, if in a party someone makes fun of your dress and insults you. Then instead of getting angry tell him in a polite manner that I will learn dressing sense from you. So, first you please learn and then we will learn from you.

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Ignoring the Insult

If your sense of humor is not good, then second best way of dealing an insult is to simply ignore it. To use humor, one should be quick witted, while ignoring the insult is much easier, wisest and best thing to do. But the question arises, why we should ignore instead of responding? The reason is very simple; by ignoring the insult we are telling the person who is trying to insult us that he and his words are not important to us. And also we are realizing him that we are not affected by his words. To ignore the insult, you can simply change the topic of discussion or you can get out of the room.


This is one of the difficult things to do. Sometimes it happens that our parents or teachers want to correct us. They point out some of our mistakes but we feel bad about it, we take it as our insult. Although their motive is just to correct us and to make us better human beings. So, before responding to any insult we should evaluate that where this insult comes from. . If the insult is true or largely true, the person it came form is credible, and his motive is worthy, then the insult is not an insult but a statement of fact. So, we should accept it and take corrective measures.

Expressing your feelings

If someone insults you and you feel bad about it, then as we discussed earlier you must keep yourself calm and compose. You never react immediately. But after composing yourself, it is very important to share your feelings with the person who is insulting. You must tell him how bad you feel about his comments. And his words will have a bad impact their relationships.

So when you are faced with an insult, it is important that you tell the person who is insulting you, what you actually feel.

Do something good to yourself

Insult is a negative behavior, if you ever faced by such situation. Then to eliminate the effect of that negative behavior, do something good to yourself. Do such things which make you happy. If you actually do some little good things for yourself, you can feel very good from the inside. Go for a long drive; plan a get together with friends or family, watch a movie. Anything in order to ensure that you feel good about yourself. This thing will create a positive energy inside you and make you relax.

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