Shyness is defined as the feeling of awkwardness, discomfort, low self confidence and anxiety when a person is exposed to outer world. This usually happens when a person has to meet new and unfamiliar people, has to face new situations. Shy people can’t mix up with new people and prefer to live alone. Shy people can do things comfortably and confidently alone in their rooms, but can’t do same things in public or in front of other people.

“My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.”
― Dejan Stojanovic

Everybody has shyness inside, but its level varies. Most people feel shy occasionally, but some feel more often. Severe and intense shyness may suppress your abilities and can cause problems in relationships and at work.

Signs of Shy People

Difficult To Talk with Unfamiliar People

Shy people find it difficult to talk with unknown people. They usually avoid facing new and unfamiliar people and prefer to live alone or be with familiar people. They are unable to initiate communication with strangers. If they want to talk to someone, they will keep looking at him but unable to talk. They don’t talk too much and mostly remain silent.

Can’t Mix Up With People

Shy people avoid social gatherings and if they have to go, they prefer to sit alone or with family members. They want to live in their own world, don’t like to be noticed and to get attentions. They enjoy working and living alone. They rarely share their feelings with others, they usually keep their secrets. When they don’t know a person well, they seem reserved and distant.

Never Express their Emotions

There is a huge difference between what shy people think and what they say. They prefer listening to others rather than talking about themselves. Shy people tend to hide their feelings. They are silent lovers but are best lovers. Their feelings are pure, true and long lasting. They fear of rejection, so they never purpose their loved ones.

 Can’t Take Initiator

Shy people are talented but they can’t express their talent. Shyness suppresses their abilities. They have many ideas, but they have no courage to initiate. Usually they are reluctant to take steps. So they can miss many opportunities. They can work well with other people but they are uncomfortable in taking solo flight.

Over thinker

Shy people are less social. They can get lost in thoughts and keep thinking on even simple matters. This trait can be very helpful when it comes to many life decisions. Thinking carefully and planning before taking action are important for many of life’s hurdles. But due to over thinking they can miss many good opportunities and left behind.

Enjoy Working Alone

Shy people prefer to be alone or part of small groups rather than being covered by many people. Shy people have unique strength and abilities; they are more focused and energetic. Many jobs require the ability to focus and concentrate in a solitary environment; such jobs are ideal for shy people. They can be more productive, If they given a favorable environment to work.

 Can’t hold eye contact

It is difficult for shy people to look directly into eyes of other people while communication. They used to look here and there. Shy people feel difficulty in making eye contact or looking other people in the eye. Because they have low level of self confidence and this thing suppresses their abilities.

Self Conscious

Shy people are extremely self conscious about themselves. They are always worried what other people will think about them. They spend a lot of time and energy on their appearance. Shy people always have a feeling that everyone is looking at them. Even they are remarkably well dressed, they still will feel uncomfortable.

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Great listeners

Shy people are great listeners and they have strong observation power. As they speak less, they sit quiet and listen and observe others. It is a fact that practicing and improving our listening skills can help us in many aspects of our life. The act of listening is a way of showing love and respect to others. Remember that one of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening what another has to say.

Don’t trust easily

As shy people are less open to others and mostly remain reserved. So, they usually take more time to trust and accept other people. They have few friends and rarely allow others to enter in their inner circle. They observe and evaluate them before accepting their friendship. But if they are in a relationship with someone, they are very honest and loyal. They put all their efforts to maintain a good relation and never hold back.

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